Cushion Cover DIY

I’ve been wanting a rocking chair for the nursery since the day I started dreaming up decorating ideas. I kind of gave up on the idea since we already had a “comfy” chair sitting in there. However, when I saw this glider on craigslist for an affordable price (plus delivery), I couldn’t pass it up! I knew I would get rid of the grandma floral and recover it anyway.

I decided to use a hand-me-down vintage sheet instead of buying fabric new. Since my nursery is vintage-inspired, this fits perfectly. I also have gender neutral decor in case we have more children in the future and they’re not girls. It’s much more economical this way. Stay tuned for a full nursery reveal in the next few weeks. I’m still working on a few things!



It’s been six months of self control. Up until recently, I hadn’t bought a thing for the baby. Maybe it was easy to abstain from shopping before we knew her gender. Or maybe it was the morning sickness that kept me locked up inside and glued to the couch. Or maybe I was just busy with our big move. At any rate, I was being good.

The past month I have been hitting up my local thrift stores and finding some fun treasures! These two gems were added to my bounty recently. My babe is going to be quite the retro girl. I hope she grows up to appreciate the past eras as much as the hubs and I do.

The nursery planning is underway too, but I still have to be patient. We don’t have any furniture yet, and my mom is making a few key items that will shape the look and feel of the room. So, until I have those things, I am trying to be patient. I think the “nesting” part of being pregnant has arrived early for me.

I have a list of projects I want to get done before baby arrives. Some of them include sewing. I picked up the fabrics pictured above for half price at the fabric outlet. I can picture some clothes and a big cushion made out of these. I’ve also got a painting project in my head. Check back for some fun project details soon!

We Can Have Tea Parties Too

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a small Tea Party at my sister’s place. It’s not often you get invited to an event like this — at least here in America. A couple weeks ago, I got the cutest invitation designed by my sister, Dena Swenson. The party itself proved to be just as cute as her invite, if not more. She used vintage tea cups she inherited or found second-hand. The food spread was to die for — cucumber sandwiches, meat & cheese on crackers, and sweet treats galore — including fresh strawberries,  fruit thumbprints, biscotti and scones. And of course, a wide array of teas including tea brought back from England by our Mother, and some Trader Joe’s Christmas flavors. I only wish I was a better photographer so I could show you how delightful everything was.