Celebrating our Heritage

This past weekend, our little family ventured out to the Kielbasa Festival, held by and in the parking lot of Kramarczuk’s Deli. Both my husband and I have Polish in our blood and grew up eating cabbage rolls, borscht, sauerkraut, and various sausages. Kramarczuk’s was not a foreign place to our families. So, of course when we heard about the festival, we just had to go.

We enjoyed our food and drink and the entertainment — traditional dancing and music. Chatted with some folks sitting at our table, and enjoyed the company of my sister and her husband. And on our way out, we stopped in the Deli to pick up some meats to enjoy at home. This might have to become a family tradition.


A Bonnet, a Babe and a Backyard

I have to admit, other than running to the grocery store or Target, I don’t get out much with June. However, it is my intention to start getting outside more and enjoying the beautiful, warm weather. I took June outside the other day and we played on a blanket in the backyard. She was looking extra cute in her bonnet, so I decided to snap a few shots.

Daddy decided to pop outside, so I got a few snapshots of him with June.

And, of course, I couldn’t resist a shot with her myself.

Maybe next time you see us, our skin will be a little darker.

Summer Loves

1. Noosa Strawberry Rhubarb Yogurt – delicious! – and all natural.
2. Vegetables (and fruit). I especially love adding avocado to everything.
3. Dark Chocolate. ‘Nuf said.
4. Sleeping baby.
5. Sunlight and fresh air flowing through the open windows.
6. Kitty basking in the sun.