Bits & Pieces of Home

This is the small town Iowa house where I grew up. The governor of Iowa once lived in it. I remember when we moved into the house in 1990, we would find bits and pieces of history beneath the wall paper and in the attic. My parents have put a lot of work into it over the years and I love spending time there. While it seems my Mom and Dad are always building, changing and redecorating, it always feels like home.


Summer Loves

1. Noosa Strawberry Rhubarb Yogurt – delicious! – and all natural.
2. Vegetables (and fruit). I especially love adding avocado to everything.
3. Dark Chocolate. ‘Nuf said.
4. Sleeping baby.
5. Sunlight and fresh air flowing through the open windows.
6. Kitty basking in the sun.

Growing Life

Photo by JonnyEdwin Photography

It’s amazing that my little “bundle of joy” started out so teeny tiny in my belly. Pregnancy boggles my mind and amazes me — it truly is proof of a creative designer. My little June Sunshine is 6 weeks old and growing out of her newborn clothes. My, how time has really sped up since she made her appearance. She is such a blessing, and Darin and I are so grateful to God for giving us this opportunity to raise a child. I’m not saying it hasn’t been challenging at times, but, morning sickness, labor & delivery, sleep deprivation, every poopy diaper and fussy cry is worth it.

Above is the project I have been working on over the past few months with the help of my friend and talented photographer, Jonny. I wanted to record my baby’s growth in a fun and unique way. Jonny so graciously met me at The Guthrie Theater’s “Amber Room” every few weeks to capture photos of my growing belly. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!