A Bonnet, a Babe and a Backyard

I have to admit, other than running to the grocery store or Target, I don’t get out much with June. However, it is my intention to start getting outside more and enjoying the beautiful, warm weather. I took June outside the other day and we played on a blanket in the backyard. She was looking extra cute in her bonnet, so I decided to snap a few shots.

Daddy decided to pop outside, so I got a few snapshots of him with June.

And, of course, I couldn’t resist a shot with her myself.

Maybe next time you see us, our skin will be a little darker.


The Prettiest Thing I’ve Created Yet

I can’t help but think my daughter is the prettiest thing I’ve ever created. Probably since I had help. June turned 2 months old this past week and my friend and Minneapolis photographer, Amber of Amber Lianne Photography, captured some beautiful photos of her. She’s wearing a Dalida family heirloom passed down from her Auntie Faith. To see more photos or to check out Amber’s photography, visit her blog or facebook page!

8 Weeks

It’s hard to believe my baby is 8 weeks old! She has started smiling and making “happy” noises. There may have even been a giggle when she was in daddy’s arms.

This week my photographer friend was visiting and took some photos of June in the backyard. I can’t wait to see them and share them with all of you!

Also, I’ve decided to start Cloth Diapering. I went to a very informational and FREE class at Peapods last night. It’s a store that carries natural baby toys and baby care items. There are a variety of cloth diapers — from your traditional pre-folds to an easy all-in-one style diaper. Stay tuned for updates on this adventure!

Growing Life

Photo by JonnyEdwin Photography

It’s amazing that my little “bundle of joy” started out so teeny tiny in my belly. Pregnancy boggles my mind and amazes me — it truly is proof of a creative designer. My little June Sunshine is 6 weeks old and growing out of her newborn clothes. My, how time has really sped up since she made her appearance. She is such a blessing, and Darin and I are so grateful to God for giving us this opportunity to raise a child. I’m not saying it hasn’t been challenging at times, but, morning sickness, labor & delivery, sleep deprivation, every poopy diaper and fussy cry is worth it.

Above is the project I have been working on over the past few months with the help of my friend and talented photographer, Jonny. I wanted to record my baby’s growth in a fun and unique way. Jonny so graciously met me at The Guthrie Theater’s “Amber Room” every few weeks to capture photos of my growing belly. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!

Logo Design: Amber Lianne Photography

I had the privilege of designing a logo and business card for my talented friend, Amber, a few months back.  She captures people, pets, and the World through the lens of a camera. In her portfolio, you’ll find a wide array of Engagements, Weddings, Nature, Pets, and Portraits. Some of my favorite shots are of her fuzzy little kitten, Cayenne. But you’ll have to check out her blog to see those.

I had a lot of fun designing for Amber because I know her style.  She was also very detailed when explaining to me what she wanted.  We used light, airy, fresh colors to match her photography style, as well as match who she is as a person.  When meeting her, you’ll find a friendly, honest, down-to-earth girl.

If you are looking for a Minnesota photographer for your upcoming nuptials, family snapshots, or just for fun, Amber is your gal. Check out her facebook page for more about her photography and contact info.

All photos belong to Amber Lianne Photography. Please do not steal them without permission.

Photo of the Week: Little Rascal

So…it’s been more like a month since I last posted a Photo of the Week. For this, I apologize. Not that they’re that great, anyhow. This is my In-Law’s kitty, Rascal. He’s turning blonde in his old age. And he’s usually fluffier than this, but was recently shaved due to some dreadlocking. And he’s just not into the hippie scene anymore, so they had to go.