Last Minute Christmas Card Sender?

Hello friends! I know you haven’t seen me in a while, but, I’m back with a heck of a deal. My photographer friend, Amber Lianne Photography, is offering 30 minute photography sessions for $50. So, if you live in the Twin Cities (MN) area and still haven’t gotten your act together on sending out Christmas cards, you might not want to miss this opportunity. Check out her Facebook page for more details.  Additionally, yours truly is partnering with Amber and offering a 25% discount on Photo Card Designs from my Shop! I am working on adding more designs and if you don’t see something perfect for you, I am happy to design a custom card for you!

Jolly Chalkboard Photo Card
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Baby on the Brain

You may have guessed it already by my hinting in previous posts, so here is my official announcement: My husband and I are expecting our first child in April! The first few months were rough with morning sickness, but I’m feeling much better these days and have had time to start thinking about baby things.  Below are some lovely Etsy finds:Image

Links to above images: Squirrel toy, Marushka print, Wood blocks, Baby hat, Baby sweater, Sofi and Fish print, Baby blanket, Baby cradle

I will inevitably be posting about baby stuff in the future. Take it or leave it.

Pretty (or quirky?) Friday

I kind of feel like I’m cheating at blogging because I found this artist on Etsy’s front page this morning. I’m sure many of you have already seen these odd, but intriguing wall hangings. The seller/artist, Mary’s Grandaughter, is from Florida, but you would never know it. For example, the porcelain doll arms are from Germany and were dug from the earth from the grounds of an old doll factory that operated between 1890-1920. And the linen? Antique homespun. All of these things, paired with the mysterious, folky vibe, make this seller truly unique.  I think they would make great decor for any room in the house! Maybe some day I will be able to afford one. Until then, happy admiring!

FiveFingers & Graduation

I guess I’ve been busy lately, which, sadly, means I’ve been ignoring my blog. Here are a few highlights from the past week or so.

I got my Vibram FiveFingers and they fit like a glove! I haven’t had a chance to break them in or take them for a jog, but I hope to do that soon! They feel so lovely on. I will let you know how I like them in action.

My Photo Jogging Group met up at Lebanon Hills for some trail running and picture taking. It was a lot of fun! We definitely want to go back there again.

My husband completed his 2 year degree and Graduated with honors from HTC on Wednesday night. I am so proud of him! Sorry the lighting was bad in the hallway. Forgive me for the poor quality photo.

Inspiration from Etsy’s front page this morning. Consider this my belated Monday Inspiration blurb.