Freebie: Meal Planning Sheets

Hello, folks! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I would like to share some meal planning resources that I designed this week to help myself with planning meals on a budget. I searched on pinterest for freebies but nothing fit my needs. So, if you like clean/minimal and well organized, I hope you will download this for free! See download links below.
click to download: MEAL PLAN SHEET
click to download: CALENDAR


Thrifty Office Ideas from Martha

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Yesterday I posted some fun Office Organization ideas from Pottery Barn. Today I’m sharing some DIY home organization for the office. You can see more organization ideas from Martha’s Organized Spaces section on her blog. Unfortunately there are not any DIY directions, but they look simple enough to figure out on your own, especially if you are a crafty person. What do you think?

Inspiration Monday meets Organization

I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a professional organizer and so I’ve been reading a lot on the subject.  My mom found an article for me to read about right brainers vs. left brainers and how that affects a person in the realm of organizing.  I found out that I’m just about exactly half and half, but  I could have told you that without the quiz. Because I am 50/50, it makes things interesting.

I’ve been organizing and reorganizing my office space trying to come up with something that will really work for me.  I love unique, asymetrical and unusual ways of decorating, but I can’t handle too much clutter or too many bright colors surrounding my work place. Otherwise I am wayyy to distracted. I am also one of those people who keeps a planner and feels lost without it. I have a million sticky notes with lists and reminders to myself.  However, these mounds of notes start to drive me crazy, and then I end up re-writing and re-organizing them so they look nice and neat. CRAZY, I know. But if I don’t write things down and keep them where I can see them, then they simply won’t get done and I will forget about them. That is where my left brain and right brain clash creating an impossible work space.   I need to find my happy medium where things are still where I can see them, but they aren’t an eye sore.

I was bumbling around online trying to find some eye pleasers in the office organizing department. I found a really sweet wall organizer at highbrow furniture, but it costs $350.

I don’t think so.

I found some really great vintagey/rustic looking organizing essentials at the Pottery Barn website.  And it’s more affordable. These cute metal pails come in a set of 3 for only $15. And you could probably find the same thing at a discount garden center for less.

To coordinate with the pails, they have a burlap “cork” board with metal horizontal rods to keep papers and other flat objects secure and a hanging pouch for smaller items or extra push pins. Unfortunately, it’s $199, but I bet I could make one myself for a lot less.

I love how old fashioned a chalk board is.  There’s something more fun about using chalk than dry erase markers.  Plus they don’t smell.

These might not fit every need I have, but, I think they’re beautiful and simple.  I’m curious to see what works for your home organization. Are there any amazing, budget accessories I need to know about?