Nursery Inspiration

Ever since we moved, I’ve been itching to put together the nursery. We really haven’t purchased much for the baby yet, as we’re on a budget. I think it’s good for me to learn patience. I tend to get overly excited about things and want to see the finished product asap. This will also teach me to save money by looking for deals and waiting for things to go on sale. For example, Target has some really great baby deals in their ad this week! I’ve also perused and noticed quite a few cribs for sale. Just the other day, I found a nice, vintage, wood high chair for $6. In my opinion, it’s much cuter than a modern, plastic one (but that’s just me)! I’ve also scored a few vintage baby dresses and a pair of Minnetonka baby moccassins at the thrift store! Below is a collection of inspiring things I’ve found on Etsy and around the web.

Heather Bailey fabric from Nicey Jane Collection
-Jenny Lind Crib (Walmart, Amazon)
Plush Owl Pillow by Gingiber
Vintage sheets sold by OllieBollen
Finally Safe Art Print by Shirae


In Awe

I am in love with these contemporary folk art dolls from Cart Before the Horse’s Etsy shop. Above are some of my fav’s: Alice and the Cheshire Cat, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum and Olive, Octavius & Ono the Owls.

March Listens

Eisley has easily been one of my favorite bands for a decade. It’s hard to believe these 20-some year olds have been at it that long, but it’s true. You can check out their website here.  Enjoy the review below.

“The Valley is a deceptively easy listen. Sisters Stacy and Sherri DuPree possess angelic voices—different enough to be distinct, but identical enough to cause confusion to the casual listener—and produce a two-part harmony that can occasionally be mistaken for double-tracking. In addition to their superior vocal abilities, both sisters can write innocently sweet-sounding songs that masquerade a painful lyrical content.” – Joseph Kyle, The Big Take -Over

This is a talented bunch from Des Moines, Iowa. I’m not really great at writing reviews and I couldn’t find one yet online to share here. But make sure you watch their beautiful music video of “I Dream of Chicago” here. You can also like them on facebook and check out their website.

Pretty (or quirky?) Friday

I kind of feel like I’m cheating at blogging because I found this artist on Etsy’s front page this morning. I’m sure many of you have already seen these odd, but intriguing wall hangings. The seller/artist, Mary’s Grandaughter, is from Florida, but you would never know it. For example, the porcelain doll arms are from Germany and were dug from the earth from the grounds of an old doll factory that operated between 1890-1920. And the linen? Antique homespun. All of these things, paired with the mysterious, folky vibe, make this seller truly unique.  I think they would make great decor for any room in the house! Maybe some day I will be able to afford one. Until then, happy admiring!

Inspiration Monday meets Organization

I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a professional organizer and so I’ve been reading a lot on the subject.  My mom found an article for me to read about right brainers vs. left brainers and how that affects a person in the realm of organizing.  I found out that I’m just about exactly half and half, but  I could have told you that without the quiz. Because I am 50/50, it makes things interesting.

I’ve been organizing and reorganizing my office space trying to come up with something that will really work for me.  I love unique, asymetrical and unusual ways of decorating, but I can’t handle too much clutter or too many bright colors surrounding my work place. Otherwise I am wayyy to distracted. I am also one of those people who keeps a planner and feels lost without it. I have a million sticky notes with lists and reminders to myself.  However, these mounds of notes start to drive me crazy, and then I end up re-writing and re-organizing them so they look nice and neat. CRAZY, I know. But if I don’t write things down and keep them where I can see them, then they simply won’t get done and I will forget about them. That is where my left brain and right brain clash creating an impossible work space.   I need to find my happy medium where things are still where I can see them, but they aren’t an eye sore.

I was bumbling around online trying to find some eye pleasers in the office organizing department. I found a really sweet wall organizer at highbrow furniture, but it costs $350.

I don’t think so.

I found some really great vintagey/rustic looking organizing essentials at the Pottery Barn website.  And it’s more affordable. These cute metal pails come in a set of 3 for only $15. And you could probably find the same thing at a discount garden center for less.

To coordinate with the pails, they have a burlap “cork” board with metal horizontal rods to keep papers and other flat objects secure and a hanging pouch for smaller items or extra push pins. Unfortunately, it’s $199, but I bet I could make one myself for a lot less.

I love how old fashioned a chalk board is.  There’s something more fun about using chalk than dry erase markers.  Plus they don’t smell.

These might not fit every need I have, but, I think they’re beautiful and simple.  I’m curious to see what works for your home organization. Are there any amazing, budget accessories I need to know about?

FiveFingers & Graduation

I guess I’ve been busy lately, which, sadly, means I’ve been ignoring my blog. Here are a few highlights from the past week or so.

I got my Vibram FiveFingers and they fit like a glove! I haven’t had a chance to break them in or take them for a jog, but I hope to do that soon! They feel so lovely on. I will let you know how I like them in action.

My Photo Jogging Group met up at Lebanon Hills for some trail running and picture taking. It was a lot of fun! We definitely want to go back there again.

My husband completed his 2 year degree and Graduated with honors from HTC on Wednesday night. I am so proud of him! Sorry the lighting was bad in the hallway. Forgive me for the poor quality photo.

Inspiration from Etsy’s front page this morning. Consider this my belated Monday Inspiration blurb.