Pretty Friday: Porcelain Beauties

I’m quite taken with the beautiful, muted colors and soft design of this porcelain, hand made jewelry.  Simply magical, which is fitting since this artist started her journey in Zakopane, the “magical place.”  Check out MaaPstudio’s Etsy store for more designs!


Want it: Merrell Pace Glove

I’m very excited that Merrell and Vibram have teamed up to create a pair of minimal running shoes that lack the ugly toes like my Vibram Five Fingers. I don’t mind running on the trails in them, but, going to the gym in them is a bit intimidating. Not to mention I’ve heard that some gyms have outlawed them (probably not safe if you drop a barbell on your toe wearing them). The Pace Glove has zero drop heel and is machine washable!  These babies run for $100 on Merrell’s site. Anyone had the pleasure of trying them out?

Pretty (or quirky?) Friday

I kind of feel like I’m cheating at blogging because I found this artist on Etsy’s front page this morning. I’m sure many of you have already seen these odd, but intriguing wall hangings. The seller/artist, Mary’s Grandaughter, is from Florida, but you would never know it. For example, the porcelain doll arms are from Germany and were dug from the earth from the grounds of an old doll factory that operated between 1890-1920. And the linen? Antique homespun. All of these things, paired with the mysterious, folky vibe, make this seller truly unique.  I think they would make great decor for any room in the house! Maybe some day I will be able to afford one. Until then, happy admiring!