We’ve Gone Bananas

My husband scored this bundle for $1. What do you do with this many over ripe bananas? You said “make banana bread,” didn’t you? I agree, that is a good idea, however, I’ve got something that’s perfect for a summer breakfast (or even dessert). I give you the Chocolate Banana Shake.

It’s all natural ingredients, no added sugars, a good source of protein, and enough calories to keep you energized all morning. Not to mention full of micro-nutrients that are good for your body, healthy fats, and other health benefits from coconut milk. Before I give you the recipe, the key is to freeze those bananas.  I’ll share a little tip with you that I learned from my Mom: cut up your banana, saran wrap it, and then pop it in the freezer for future use.

This recipe is also adapted from my Mom’s recipe. I have her to thank for this tasty eat.


Healthy Eats: Oatmeal

Ingredients: Steel Cut Oats (skip on the instant), Apple (diced), Dried Cranberries, Brown Sugar & Milk

With pregnancy, I find myself hungry A LOT. This breakfast has got a good mix of carbs, protein, & fat to tide me over until my next meal. It’s low on the GI scale (just don’t add too much sugar), relatively inexpensive, and it’s delicious!

The Curve: Non-Motorized Treadmill

What’s this, you ask?  “Unlike non-motorized treadmills of old, its construction is sturdy and boasts a near-frictionless drive system which inhibits noise and promotes proper walking form.  The curved belt design prevents the need for the treadmill to be on an incline, creating less strain on the knees and hips.  The Curve allows serious athletes and rehabilitating individuals alike to work more muscles with less restriction.”

I recently read this article about the new Curve treadmill by Woodway and couldn’t help but immediately want to rush out and buy one.  However, I noticed the article says it promotes proper walking form, which I would guess mean heel striking and rolling the foot.  But what about minimalist and barefoot runners who have a different approach and form, landing on the forefoot? What are your thoughts?

I’m so thankful the weather is warming up so I don’t HAVE to run on the treadmill anymore!

Love it: Merrell Pace Glove

As you know from my previous post, I’ve had my eyes on the Merrell Pace Glove, a minimalist running shoe with Vibram soles. I received a complementary pair from Merrell and I couldn’t be more excited (and for those of you curious — I am not under any obligation to blog about them or being paid to say I like them).

My initial response to the design and look: They are really cute! No ugly, bulky, chunkiness (I’ve always hated the way traditional running shoes look. Even in High School, I only wore them in Cross Country and Track practice). These I would actually wear out in public doing something non-exercisey. I’m thinking about getting the soon to be released Power Glove or Pure Glove (part of the women’s barefoot collection) for just that.

My initial response to the fit: I was pleasantly surprised that I chose the right size — what I would normally order for a running shoe — size 7.5. They have a wider toe box allowing the toes to spread when running on the forefoot. Don’t be deceived — even though there is plenty of room in the toe box, your feet won’t be sliding around. The shoe is very flexible and conforms to your foot when you tighten the laces. The heel has stretchy material that keeps the shoe snug to the foot.

My initial response to their function: I only took a 20 minute run on my treadmill wearing the Pace Gloves, but, it was long enough to notice a few things.   I felt light and springy, as I do wearing my Vibram Five Fingers. However, I can only handle about 10 minutes of running on hard surfaces in my Five Fingers because they are so minimal in cushion and structure.  My left foot usually aches under my arch.  Not the case wearing the Pace Glove. It offers just enough cushioning in the toe/arch area for comfort, but, also enough flexibility that it doesn’t interfere with the way my feet flex and move.  All in all, you can say I am well pleased and excited to continue my journey in them! You can read more about these on Merrell’s website.

If this article has sparked your interest in the barefoot running movement, I encourage you to read up on it and do your research and meet with your doctor to see if it’s right for you. It’s important to follow the suggestions for transitioning into barefoot running, since our bodies aren’t used to using some of the muscles in our feet and lower leg.

Want it: Merrell Pace Glove

I’m very excited that Merrell and Vibram have teamed up to create a pair of minimal running shoes that lack the ugly toes like my Vibram Five Fingers. I don’t mind running on the trails in them, but, going to the gym in them is a bit intimidating. Not to mention I’ve heard that some gyms have outlawed them (probably not safe if you drop a barbell on your toe wearing them). The Pace Glove has zero drop heel and is machine washable!  These babies run for $100 on Merrell’s site. Anyone had the pleasure of trying them out?

“Tales From the Scale” Inspiration

If you haven’t noticed my health & fitness kick lately, here’s one more thing to make it more obvious. I absolutely love before/after pictures. There’s something soooo motivating about them, no matter the subject. It’s just so energizing to me to see progress. So, hopefully my inspiration for today, Cathy, doesn’t mind me sharing a bit about her today. I nabbed the image below from her blog.

Not only is she a talented graphic designer and scrapbooker, but, Cathy Zielske is a motivation and inspiration when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. You should check out her fabulous and humorous blog. I’ve been drinking in all her health & fitness entries lately. You can find them all here. Her digital template can be found online. Check out her flickr group, Tales from the Scale, for others who want to record their weight loss.