Flashy Things

Since I have been obsessing over She & Him for the past few months, I decided I better post a few photos from the show I went to back in May for my birthday. Darin and I didn’t try to get too close up, because the venue is relatively small and felt pretty crowded. We weren’t allowed to use flashes at the show, so, here are a few shots I got. Most of them weren’t very clear. Zooey and M. Ward were both extremely classy, witty, and cute. I also thoroughly enjoyed their opening band, The Chapin Sisters.

Last weekend, my sister and I traveled down to our home town in Iowa for a little Summerfest fun, which included a craft sale that we partook in. It was also nice to see the family and celebrate Father’s Day. Here are a few shots of our our craft table and jewelry. Most of the jewelry that didn’t sell will be added to our online store shortly.

As you can see, I’ve been keeping busy with jewelry making and the such. Sorry for the blog neglect. I hope to have some time this weekend to devote to it.


Matryoshka Doll Exhibit

Museum of Russian Art Exhibit
Matryoshka: The Russian Nesting Doll at TMORA

I have a somewhat mild obsession with Matryoshka dolls. It all stems from my Babcia (polish for grandma); both the heritage part and the fact that she loved dolls (of any kind). Last year, my husband surprised me with the proposition of a date night going to see this Russian Nesting Doll exhibit. I’m sad to say we have not yet gone, and we only have until March 29th to see it. So I’m hoping to sneak some time in.

Here’s the info, if you’re interested in checking them out:
Fireside Gallery, TMORA
General Admission $7
Exhibit ends on March 29th, 2010
“TMORA’s newest original exhibition, Matryoshka: The Russian Nesting Doll, features Matryoshkas on loan from a private collector in San Francisco. These brightly painted wooden objects have become a symbol of Russia and Russian folk art; their bell-shaped silhouettes are familiar to the young and old. Whether depicting ancient legends, religious themes, or political caricatures, Matryoshkas can tell us more than meets the eye–as one doll opens to reveal the next one inside–about the history of Russia. ” Click here for hours/location/more info.