My “Handmade” Budget Nursery

Baby is due in less than a week and the nursery is finally (almost) done! I actually have two more DIY projects left to do and will share those in the next few weeks. But, I was anxious to get some photos up now that it’s mostly finished. Since I was on a budget, I recycled a lot of things, made a lot of things, found a lot of things second hand, and had help from my mom and dad in making a few things.

Rocking Chair: found on Craigslist, recovered by me, vintage bed sheet
Wicker Side Table: hand-me-down
Curtains: Made by me, fabric purchased on
Lamp: Target
Little Bear Print:, stretched on frame by me, frame made by my dad
Floral Wall Art: made by me, old bed sheet, frame made by my dad
Fabric Bins: Target
Crib & Changing Table:
Bear Painting: done by my brother and gifted to us
Quilt: handmade by my mother, fabric purchased on


DIY: Pretty Burp Cloths

I’ve seen these before and have wanted to make some, but just didn’t take the time to figure out the specifics until now. My friend, Rachel, over at birdy blue, gifted me these beautifully hand crafted burp cloths for my little one on-the-way. I have a ton of pre-fold diaper cloths that I plan on spiffing up in these last few weeks leading up to baby’s birth. Something like this is perfect for the nesting-mode mom, or for a special gift to give to your expectant friends. So, using Rachel’s finished product as my guide, here’s a little DIY.

What you’ll need:
– Pre-fold diaper (I used) OR Terry Cloth/Flannel Fabric (as I expect Rachel used) – cut into 12×16 inch rectangle
– Pretty patterned fabric of your choice – cut into 12×16 inch rectangle
– Pins, Ruler, Scissors, Sewing Machine, Iron
How to DIY:
1. Place your two fabric pieces face to face (wrong side on wrong side). Pin around circumference. Sew along edges, leaving enough space for your hand to fit through to turn inside-out.
2. Turn inside-out. Stick your hand inside to push along the seams, making a crisp edge before ironing.
3. Iron along the edges, including where your gap is, so it looks closed when flattened.
4. Sew along the circumference again (this time right side out), making sure that the gap gets sewed closed.
5. Now that it looks finished, add 2 seams down the longest portion of the cloth. If you are using a pre-fold, there are already lines you can follow. If you chose to cut from your own fabric, make them about 4 inches apart, dividing the cloth in thirds.
6. This is what your finished project should look like – with the edging and middle seams.

Hope this was helpful! I always love to hear your comments! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Cushion Cover DIY

I’ve been wanting a rocking chair for the nursery since the day I started dreaming up decorating ideas. I kind of gave up on the idea since we already had a “comfy” chair sitting in there. However, when I saw this glider on craigslist for an affordable price (plus delivery), I couldn’t pass it up! I knew I would get rid of the grandma floral and recover it anyway.

I decided to use a hand-me-down vintage sheet instead of buying fabric new. Since my nursery is vintage-inspired, this fits perfectly. I also have gender neutral decor in case we have more children in the future and they’re not girls. It’s much more economical this way. Stay tuned for a full nursery reveal in the next few weeks. I’m still working on a few things!

DIY: Pet Pillow

I’ve been wanting to make a pet pillow for a while now. Mabel likes to sit in front of the heat vent, so I decided to make something comfy for her to sit in. Hopefully she will actually sit in it. I had to pose her for the picture.

Here are some basic DIY instructions:

1. Cut two circles out (mine measures 16″ accross) from fabric of your choice
2. Cut a strip of coordinating or matching fabric for the sides. Folded in half mine was 5″ tall and the length of the round circumference.
3. Pin the coordinating (sides) fabric right sides together. Do the top and bottom at the same time.
4. Top and bottom pinned. Sew top to the side and bottom to the side, being careful not to sew over both layers. Leave room to turn inside out.
5. Turn inside out and stuff. Lastly, hand stitch the opening closed. And Voila!
NOTE: Mine was a bit taller than I wanted it, so I didn’t stuff it completely full. I left it loose and cushy because I didn’t think my cat would sit on something that full. I formed the polyfil so that the edges were thick and the middle was thin so it’s a perfect little nest.

Chunky Knit Cowl Scarf

Here’s an easy-peasy project that I knitted while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. If you’re a fast knitter, you could pull it off in 1.5 or 2 hours.

– 2 Skeins Super Bulky Cozy Wool by Loops & Threads, 90yrd (Michaels Craft Store)
– Sz. 17 Circular Needle in 19 inch length

Cast on 50 stitches and knit in the round until scarf measures 12 inches or desirable length, then bind off.

NOTES: My cast on stiches are slightly tighter than the rest, so I wear that side at the top because it is slightly smaller in circumference and lays nicely. If you’re good with decreasing stitches, you could taper off at the top by 10 stitches or so. Also, I found that the 19 inch circular needle worked OK, but, if you’re only going for 50 stitches in the round, a shorter length would do nicely.

FREE Printable Gift Tags

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of the Holiday, I’ve decided to give away a FREE printable gift tag pack.

Why spend a lot on store bought gift tags when you can print your own? Well, now you don’t have to. Enjoy this freebie and check out more thrifty options in my etsy shop. For only $3, you can purchase the file and print AS MANY as you like, at no extra cost. Love to you all.

Pack includes 6 gift tags (3 “from” and “to” tags, 3 holiday wishes tags).
File includes .ai, .eps, and .pdf versions.

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DIY Gifts – Dad (free download)

If I don’t give myself plenty of time before birthdays or Christmas, I always find myself scrambling for ideas for that perfect gift. Let’s face it — when it comes to guys — they can be really hard to buy for. But there is at least one safe gift you can give — food.  Men like to eat, right? Well, here’s a simple, inexpensive idea that can be dressed up with a bit of creativity.  I give you The Nut Jar.

Dad label text says “these pistachios belong to DAD thieves will be punished”

I gave these to my dad and brother-in-law last year and thought I’d share a free printable template with you this year. Included in the free download is: one set of “dad” labels, and also one set of blank name labels you can print and either write in a name OR use pretty sticker letters or rub-ons to spell a name. NOTE: Blank label text says “these nuts (in case you don’t want to use pistachios) belong to ______ thieves will be punished”

Downloaded Label Template (.eps & .pdf files included)
Jar (I used an Anchor Hocking Jar from Target-$5)
Craft Paper (or your choice)
Paper Trimmer or Scissors
Glue Dots or some form of adhesive
Corner Rounder Punch (or freehand with scissors)
Pistachios (mine is a 20oz bag from Target) or some form of nutty delight

Once you’ve collected your supplies, print out the template and cut around each rectangle using a paper trimmer or scissors.

If you chose the trimmer route, you’ll want to round the corners using either a corner rounder, or your scissors. Then apply your choice of adhesive. I personally like glue dots because they are less visible from the inside view. Once half of those nuts are gone, you will see the inside of the labels.

Lastly, adhere the labels to the jar (my jar has actual square guidelines and a nice flat surface) and fill with nuts. Decorate it with a pretty bow or get creative another way!

Hope you have fun making your own Nut Jar Gift! And please — share these free printable labels with friends! Enjoy!