A Month of Cloth

As you may know, we started cloth diapering last month. I promised to keep you readers up to date, so, here is my experience (as a stay at home mom) thus far…

OVER ALL: I’m still really happy with my decision. I’ve been using prefolds with diaper covers. And for overnight, I use a pocket diaper, a special fleece lined diaper with an insert, so the bottom layer soaks up the moisture while the top layer stays dry.

LAUNDERING: June probably goes through 8 prefolds and two diaper covers (if she has a stool) a day. I wash diapers and covers together, every other day. So far, it hasn’t really been a hassle. First, I do a presoak for 20 mins. Then I wash on a cold cycle to rinse any poopy residue away. Then I add soap and wash on hot/cold. My diapers ALWAYS come out smelling clean. BUT, the poopy ones usually still have light stains. I’ve heard that setting them out in the sun will “bleach” the stains out, so I might try that. Not to mention, could save on the electricity bill. Currently, I dry them in the dryer on high heat.

DETERGENT: I was using baby Dreft (sold pretty much anywhere) detergent before I did any research. I wanted to see if I could make my own. After reading an article on how important the right detergent is and reading some negative feedback on making my own, I decided to order something else. This week I started using EnviroRite, which is free of Enzymes, Brightners, Dyes, etc, etc. This chart was helpful in helping me make a decision. But, only in the long run will I be able to tell you for sure if it does the job.

JUNE’S THOUGHTS: She doesn’t really seem to favor one over the other. I’ve heard from others, that babies notice the wet feeling more with cloth. But, last week, we stayed with my family at a cabin for the weekend. I decided to buy disposables for space-saving packing purposes (cloth take up a lot of room in the diaper bag!). When we got back home and went back to cloth, she didn’t seem disappointed. Sure, she’s only 4 months old, but, she does let me know when she has a poopy diaper. So, I know she’s aware of what’s on her bottom.

That’s all I have time for right now. Any other cloth diapering mom’s have any tips for stains?


Saving Money with Big Bums

We’ve started cloth diapering! It was actually a pretty easy decision. After attending the free class at Peapods, calculating the cost vs. disposables, and determining if I had the time for it, I said yes. I bought some used pre-fold diapers (cheapest route) and simple diaper covers for a really good price and have started using them. June doesn’t seem to notice a difference, even though they are much bulkier than the disposables. Her little tush is no longer little looking. In fact, I had to get out the bigger sized onesies so that they are long enough.

It’s only been a few days, but here’s my report so far, for those interested:
I’ve only had one “blow out” where I had to change her clothes. But, I’m pretty sure it’s because the size small is a tad bit big on her right now, so it isn’t as “leak proof.” But, already, this surpasses the ratio of “blow out” to “stay in” she had with disposables. It was pretty much an every day occurrence. She also had an overnight bed wetting once, and it was lack of responsibility on my part. I think she had that diaper on all night (bad mom).

She has two sizes right now, XS and Small. She’s close to being too big for the XS, but the smalls are a tad bit too big for her, still. I ordered a Thirsties Duo Wrap 6 pack, which have snaps that convert the diaper into two sizes, enabling you to use them longer on a growing baby. I’m hoping this will help with the size gap problem I seem to be having right now.

If you’re interested, check back for more updates on our adventures of cloth diapering!