The Difference a Year Makes

Thought this was kind of a fun comparison to post — how much a baby changes in the first year. The photo on the left was taken when June was 6 days old.  The photo on the right was taken on June’s 1st birthday (which reminds me, I still need to post about that!).

June Year Comparison
Some noteworthy changes and characteristics are:
– her eye color changed from dark blue to hazel
– her dark hair lightened up to a strawberry-light-brown
– she now has 4 bottom teeth, 2 top teeth, and 2 currently pushing through
– she loves to feed herself finger food and dislikes being spoon-fed
– her favorite and most used words are “kitty” and “cheese”
– she is getting close to walking, but is currently satisfied with cruising along furniture
– she gives high fives, claps her hands, waves, and sticks out her tongue on command

I’ll spare you from more mom brags and just say goodbye for now. I will be back soon!


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