Saving Money with Big Bums

We’ve started cloth diapering! It was actually a pretty easy decision. After attending the free class at Peapods, calculating the cost vs. disposables, and determining if I had the time for it, I said yes. I bought some used pre-fold diapers (cheapest route) and simple diaper covers for a really good price and have started using them. June doesn’t seem to notice a difference, even though they are much bulkier than the disposables. Her little tush is no longer little looking. In fact, I had to get out the bigger sized onesies so that they are long enough.

It’s only been a few days, but here’s my report so far, for those interested:
I’ve only had one “blow out” where I had to change her clothes. But, I’m pretty sure it’s because the size small is a tad bit big on her right now, so it isn’t as “leak proof.” But, already, this surpasses the ratio of “blow out” to “stay in” she had with disposables. It was pretty much an every day occurrence. She also had an overnight bed wetting once, and it was lack of responsibility on my part. I think she had that diaper on all night (bad mom).

She has two sizes right now, XS and Small. She’s close to being too big for the XS, but the smalls are a tad bit too big for her, still. I ordered a Thirsties Duo Wrap 6 pack, which have snaps that convert the diaper into two sizes, enabling you to use them longer on a growing baby. I’m hoping this will help with the size gap problem I seem to be having right now.

If you’re interested, check back for more updates on our adventures of cloth diapering!

5 thoughts on “Saving Money with Big Bums

  1. oooohhh! I love this! I’ve always thought that I’d like to use cloth diapers when I have kids, so I love hear people’s experience and advice on the topic. Keep it coming!

  2. I’m curious to learn about the cleaning process! I know I am going to try cloth diapering when I have kids.

    • It’s super easy (at least with newborn poop)! I will probably experiment with different detergents. But, you just plop your wet or soiled diapers in a “wet bag” (waterproof and close-able) until you’re ready to wash. Then wash once on cold/cold cycle and a second time on warm/cold cycle. For older babies who eat solids, some cleaning of the waste will probably need to be done first. That’s where swishing in the toilet or investing in a toilet sprayer hook up helps.

      • The way you put it makes it sound a lot simpler than I imagine. Thanks for the reply!

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