We’ve Gone Bananas

My husband scored this bundle for $1. What do you do with this many over ripe bananas? You said “make banana bread,” didn’t you? I agree, that is a good idea, however, I’ve got something that’s perfect for a summer breakfast (or even dessert). I give you the Chocolate Banana Shake.

It’s all natural ingredients, no added sugars, a good source of protein, and enough calories to keep you energized all morning. Not to mention full of micro-nutrients that are good for your body, healthy fats, and other health benefits from coconut milk. Before I give you the recipe, the key is to freeze those bananas.  I’ll share a little tip with you that I learned from my Mom: cut up your banana, saran wrap it, and then pop it in the freezer for future use.

This recipe is also adapted from my Mom’s recipe. I have her to thank for this tasty eat.


4 thoughts on “We’ve Gone Bananas

  1. I add just a little touch of milk…it’s like ice cream! (I need to google -sun butter, not sure what that is)

  2. I like what you did with the over ripe bananas.
    I bake muffins for me and my family each and every week for snack time in the afternoons. So I would have used these over ripe bananas for that 🙂 But I love your idea and when summer gets to us in September, I will remember this.

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