Growing Life

Photo by JonnyEdwin Photography

It’s amazing that my little “bundle of joy” started out so teeny tiny in my belly. Pregnancy boggles my mind and amazes me — it truly is proof of a creative designer. My little June Sunshine is 6 weeks old and growing out of her newborn clothes. My, how time has really sped up since she made her appearance. She is such a blessing, and Darin and I are so grateful to God for giving us this opportunity to raise a child. I’m not saying it hasn’t been challenging at times, but, morning sickness, labor & delivery, sleep deprivation, every poopy diaper and fussy cry is worth it.

Above is the project I have been working on over the past few months with the help of my friend and talented photographer, Jonny. I wanted to record my baby’s growth in a fun and unique way. Jonny so graciously met me at The Guthrie Theater’s “Amber Room” every few weeks to capture photos of my growing belly. I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!


7 thoughts on “Growing Life

  1. It’s been a joy to see you grow physically and emotionally into a mother. I am so proud of how you have grown into the most essential role in the world. June is very blessed to have you as her mom.

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