My “Handmade” Budget Nursery

Baby is due in less than a week and the nursery is finally (almost) done! I actually have two more DIY projects left to do and will share those in the next few weeks. But, I was anxious to get some photos up now that it’s mostly finished. Since I was on a budget, I recycled a lot of things, made a lot of things, found a lot of things second hand, and had help from my mom and dad in making a few things.

Rocking Chair: found on Craigslist, recovered by me, vintage bed sheet
Wicker Side Table: hand-me-down
Curtains: Made by me, fabric purchased on
Lamp: Target
Little Bear Print:, stretched on frame by me, frame made by my dad
Floral Wall Art: made by me, old bed sheet, frame made by my dad
Fabric Bins: Target
Crib & Changing Table:
Bear Painting: done by my brother and gifted to us
Quilt: handmade by my mother, fabric purchased on

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