DIY: Pet Pillow

I’ve been wanting to make a pet pillow for a while now. Mabel likes to sit in front of the heat vent, so I decided to make something comfy for her to sit in. Hopefully she will actually sit in it. I had to pose her for the picture.

Here are some basic DIY instructions:

1. Cut two circles out (mine measures 16″ accross) from fabric of your choice
2. Cut a strip of coordinating or matching fabric for the sides. Folded in half mine was 5″ tall and the length of the round circumference.
3. Pin the coordinating (sides) fabric right sides together. Do the top and bottom at the same time.
4. Top and bottom pinned. Sew top to the side and bottom to the side, being careful not to sew over both layers. Leave room to turn inside out.
5. Turn inside out and stuff. Lastly, hand stitch the opening closed. And Voila!
NOTE: Mine was a bit taller than I wanted it, so I didn’t stuff it completely full. I left it loose and cushy because I didn’t think my cat would sit on something that full. I formed the polyfil so that the edges were thick and the middle was thin so it’s a perfect little nest.


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