Nursery Inspiration

Ever since we moved, I’ve been itching to put together the nursery. We really haven’t purchased much for the baby yet, as we’re on a budget. I think it’s good for me to learn patience. I tend to get overly excited about things and want to see the finished product asap. This will also teach me to save money by looking for deals and waiting for things to go on sale. For example, Target has some really great baby deals in their ad this week! I’ve also perused and noticed quite a few cribs for sale. Just the other day, I found a nice, vintage, wood high chair for $6. In my opinion, it’s much cuter than a modern, plastic one (but that’s just me)! I’ve also scored a few vintage baby dresses and a pair of Minnetonka baby moccassins at the thrift store! Below is a collection of inspiring things I’ve found on Etsy and around the web.

Heather Bailey fabric from Nicey Jane Collection
-Jenny Lind Crib (Walmart, Amazon)
Plush Owl Pillow by Gingiber
Vintage sheets sold by OllieBollen
Finally Safe Art Print by Shirae


3 thoughts on “Nursery Inspiration

  1. I love your inspiration pieces, especially the owl! Do you know if you’re having a boy or girl yet? And I totally agree – a vintage wooden high chair is much more my style than those new plastic ones!

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