2012: New Beginnings

2011 was a good year. I have to admit, there were about three miserable months in there (morning sickness – need I say more?), but over all, a good year. I feel very blessed. God has given me more than I deserve (by far). Not necessarily material things (although I am thankful for those), but the things that mean more — reliable family, a loving husband, my needs met, an amazing church body, friends that I can have real conversations with, and most importantly, saving grace.

2012 is going to be a year of change for me and my husband. As I’ve already announced on here, we are expecting a baby girl in April. We are overjoyed to have the opportunity of raising a child of our own. We also bought our first home in December and are finally all settled in. It really does feel like home. I am anticipating getting the nursery in order and doing other DIY projects. Our house was built in the 1950’s, so there are plenty of cosmetic updates that could be done in the near future.

I’ve struggled with knowing whether to put personal things on this blog. Mainly, wanting to keep things strictly more design/informational than anything else. I don’t know — maybe to be more appealing to EVERYONE. But, honestly, that’s not what makes me who I am. I don’t find my identity only in the arts and crafts and pretty things. I’m a real person, with thoughts and opinions that I want to share without worrying if it is offensive to someone or not. So, with that said, 2012 is going to be the year I start blogging about life, too. Thanks to Bethany for inspiring me to do this. I’ve been thinking about it ever since she posted an honest entry on her blog.


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