DIY Gifts – Dad (free download)

If I don’t give myself plenty of time before birthdays or Christmas, I always find myself scrambling for ideas for that perfect gift. Let’s face it — when it comes to guys — they can be really hard to buy for. But there is at least one safe gift you can give — food.  Men like to eat, right? Well, here’s a simple, inexpensive idea that can be dressed up with a bit of creativity.  I give you The Nut Jar.

Dad label text says “these pistachios belong to DAD thieves will be punished”

I gave these to my dad and brother-in-law last year and thought I’d share a free printable template with you this year. Included in the free download is: one set of “dad” labels, and also one set of blank name labels you can print and either write in a name OR use pretty sticker letters or rub-ons to spell a name. NOTE: Blank label text says “these nuts (in case you don’t want to use pistachios) belong to ______ thieves will be punished”

Downloaded Label Template (.eps & .pdf files included)
Jar (I used an Anchor Hocking Jar from Target-$5)
Craft Paper (or your choice)
Paper Trimmer or Scissors
Glue Dots or some form of adhesive
Corner Rounder Punch (or freehand with scissors)
Pistachios (mine is a 20oz bag from Target) or some form of nutty delight

Once you’ve collected your supplies, print out the template and cut around each rectangle using a paper trimmer or scissors.

If you chose the trimmer route, you’ll want to round the corners using either a corner rounder, or your scissors. Then apply your choice of adhesive. I personally like glue dots because they are less visible from the inside view. Once half of those nuts are gone, you will see the inside of the labels.

Lastly, adhere the labels to the jar (my jar has actual square guidelines and a nice flat surface) and fill with nuts. Decorate it with a pretty bow or get creative another way!

Hope you have fun making your own Nut Jar Gift! And please — share these free printable labels with friends! Enjoy!


1 thought on “DIY Gifts – Dad (free download)

  1. Maren!!

    This. Is. Perfect.

    I get my dad pistachios every year for Christmas – this looks 10000 times better than a regular bag! (and then he can fill his jar up every time it gets low!) 🙂

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