Logo Design: Amber Lianne Photography

I had the privilege of designing a logo and business card for my talented friend, Amber, a few months back.  She captures people, pets, and the World through the lens of a camera. In her portfolio, you’ll find a wide array of Engagements, Weddings, Nature, Pets, and Portraits. Some of my favorite shots are of her fuzzy little kitten, Cayenne. But you’ll have to check out her blog to see those.

I had a lot of fun designing for Amber because I know her style.  She was also very detailed when explaining to me what she wanted.  We used light, airy, fresh colors to match her photography style, as well as match who she is as a person.  When meeting her, you’ll find a friendly, honest, down-to-earth girl.

If you are looking for a Minnesota photographer for your upcoming nuptials, family snapshots, or just for fun, Amber is your gal. Check out her facebook page for more about her photography and contact info.

All photos belong to Amber Lianne Photography. Please do not steal them without permission.


1 thought on “Logo Design: Amber Lianne Photography

  1. I was just giggling because you said “please to do not steal them without permission.” Why that is funny, I am not sure, but it did make me giggle! Thank you, thank you for designing such a perfect logo! I can hardly wait to see you today for the photo shoot!

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