Albums I’ve Been Enjoying this Year

Some of you are going to judge me by my country picks and probably stop reading right now. However, I went to the theater to see Country Strong, the movie, and fell in love with the character’s voices.  We already knew Gwyneth Paltrow could sing, and some of us already knew Leighton Meester could sing, but did any of us know that Garrett Hedlund (Sam in Tron: Legacy) could sing? Wowser. After seeing the film, I had to get my hands on the soundtrack (both of them, actually).  My favorite songs include: “A Little Bit Stronger,” “Give Into Me,” Coming Home,” and “Timing is Everything.”

Even though country isn’t my favorite music genre, I do appreciate quite a few country artists, including Johnny Cash, Neko Case, and the more folky, alt-country types. But, my guilty pleasure is definitely pop country like Rascal Flatts and T. Swift.  Taylor has a youthful, nastalgia inducing feel to her music — at least for me. It brings me back to high school and crushes. And I kind of enjoy that.  I always have fun guessing which celebrity boyfriend her latest songs are about. But mostly, I just love that I can easily sing along to all of her songs.

I was introduced to the husband-wife duo band, Tennis, only a few weeks ago but have already fallen in love with the soft, surfy, girly, music. It’s simple, but catchy. Easy on the ears. My favorite track is “Seafarer.” Give it a listen and you’ll know why.

I have long heard the name Brandi Carlile, but only recently did I actually give her music a chance.  She has such a unique voice, and I love the folky-ness of the music. I had no idea I would love her so much.


One thought on “Albums I’ve Been Enjoying this Year

  1. Is it wrong I really like the Tennis album cover. Had it been made in the ’80s (as it looks to be) I would have made fun of it. But because it was put out this year, I think it’s brilliant.

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