Love it: Merrell Pace Glove

As you know from my previous post, I’ve had my eyes on the Merrell Pace Glove, a minimalist running shoe with Vibram soles. I received a complementary pair from Merrell and I couldn’t be more excited (and for those of you curious — I am not under any obligation to blog about them or being paid to say I like them).

My initial response to the design and look: They are really cute! No ugly, bulky, chunkiness (I’ve always hated the way traditional running shoes look. Even in High School, I only wore them in Cross Country and Track practice). These I would actually wear out in public doing something non-exercisey. I’m thinking about getting the soon to be released Power Glove or Pure Glove (part of the women’s barefoot collection) for just that.

My initial response to the fit: I was pleasantly surprised that I chose the right size — what I would normally order for a running shoe — size 7.5. They have a wider toe box allowing the toes to spread when running on the forefoot. Don’t be deceived — even though there is plenty of room in the toe box, your feet won’t be sliding around. The shoe is very flexible and conforms to your foot when you tighten the laces. The heel has stretchy material that keeps the shoe snug to the foot.

My initial response to their function: I only took a 20 minute run on my treadmill wearing the Pace Gloves, but, it was long enough to notice a few things.   I felt light and springy, as I do wearing my Vibram Five Fingers. However, I can only handle about 10 minutes of running on hard surfaces in my Five Fingers because they are so minimal in cushion and structure.  My left foot usually aches under my arch.  Not the case wearing the Pace Glove. It offers just enough cushioning in the toe/arch area for comfort, but, also enough flexibility that it doesn’t interfere with the way my feet flex and move.  All in all, you can say I am well pleased and excited to continue my journey in them! You can read more about these on Merrell’s website.

If this article has sparked your interest in the barefoot running movement, I encourage you to read up on it and do your research and meet with your doctor to see if it’s right for you. It’s important to follow the suggestions for transitioning into barefoot running, since our bodies aren’t used to using some of the muscles in our feet and lower leg.

4 thoughts on “Love it: Merrell Pace Glove

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  2. Hey, sounds great. I have been running in VFF’s as well but since I’ve been hitting the trails in my KSO’s I have been a little worried about my little toe getting caught on a stick or stone and I also have been struggling with freezing toes (even though I do wear injinji socks) in the winter. I have actually ordered a pair of pace gloves just over a week ago, just waiting for the local shop to get the order in. Really looking forward to running in them. So far, any review I have read has praised these shoes and most reviewers (if not all) actually preferred them to VFF’s. Can’t wait. Your review once again shows that I have hopefully made a good choice. 🙂

    • Awesome! I think you’ll love them, especially since you’re feet are accustomed to running in minimalist shoes already. My only complaint is that I’ve been getting blisters on the inside of my feet near my toes, but it’s because I’m not wearing them with socks. But, that’s a minor detail in my opinion, and certainly not a deal breaker. I bet a pair of socks would easily remedy it anyway.

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