Style Love: Emma Pillsbury

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have you fallen in love with Fox’s television series, Glee yet? I have to admit, when I watched the pilot, I was not impressed.  But recently, I decided to give it another chance and after a few episodes, I was hooked.  In the process of watching, I also fell in love with Jayma Mays’ character, Emma Pillsbury.  Not only does she have the perfect, vintage wardrobe, she’s also sweet and caring.  Although I’d hate to break up a marriage (but since this is a fictional story), I can’t help but secretly wish she will end up with the handsome, Mr. Schu. Enjoy the slideshow, the quality of the photos are lacking, but, it was hard to find some good ones. If you now have Jayma/Emma style love/envy, check out this blog, dedicated to her character’s style.

Oh, and if you have time tonight and haven’t checked Glee out yet, tune in tonight – new episodes starting today on Fox.


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